Dayton’s Apple Store Opens on July 19, 2014

Hello Mac lovers! The new Apple store in Dayton, Ohio is opening its doors on July 19, 2014 at 10:00 am. This new retail store is located at 51 Plum Street at The Greene in Beavercreek.

When the Apple store opened at the Kenwood Towne Centre in Cincinnati, there were huge crowds waiting to enter. In fact, there are still crowds whenever you shop there. Why? Many people are infatuated with the iPad, iPhone, Mac and iPod. This blogger suggests you make a reservation if you want to purchase something from an Apple store.

Interested in reading why Apple stores are so crowded? Go here, here and here.

What’s your favorite Apple product?

Note: This blogger loves all Apple products. I have an iPad (which I use every day), a MacBook Pro laptop (at home), iMac (at work), and an iPod (for the gym). My next mobile device will be – you guessed it – an iPhone.

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