Improvements to Be Made at Goebel Park in Mainstrasse in Covington, Kentucky

Goebel Park
in Mainstrasse Village in Covington, Kentucky has a list of improvements in the works:

  • Trail will be created to connect the park to the new riverfront and bike trails in Latonia, Kentucky
  • Play structures (that will also be interactive art pieces) will be designed
  • German folk art pieces will be added in Fall 2014
  • Large checkerboard will be painted on a floor to be used for large checker or chess games

The park is located between Fifth and Ninth streets. It has a public pool open to residents with passes. Picnic shelters, a gazebo, playground and grill are also available. The current walking trail connects the park to Kenny Shields Park.

Interested in learning what is happening with Goebel Park? Like this “Make Goebel Great” Facebook page here.



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