The Bathtub – Do You Want One in Your Home?

Tub1 Tub2
The bathtub seems to be disappearing in many homes. At Cincinnati’s Homearama this year, many of the homeshow homes featured only showers – and no tubs. Are bathtubs vanishing? 

The Power of the Shower
Many people take showers instead of using their tubs on a daily basis. They just do not have time to soak in the tub. Instead these homeowners desire spa-like showers with rain heads, body sprayers and devices that produce steam. Many people also opt for “curbless” showers that make them easily accessible.

Keep the Tub
Although you may not use a bathtub everyday, it is nice to have one when you want to soak. And, many people with young children insist on having at least one tub in the home.

Does not having a tub affect your home’s re-sale value?
That would depend upon the needs of a potential home buyer. It is suggested by some when you remodel or build a new home to have plumbing in place for a tub even if you do not install one. This blogger’s research about tubs saw many pros and cons about keeping a tub. Some feel they are a waste of space while others encourage having at least one tub in a home.

Tub1 Tub2

Clayton Douglas Homes was one of the few builders to feature a tub in the master bath in Homearama this year. This beautiful, stand-alone tub is high tech and features an automatic water shut off when full. The bathroom also has a large walk-in shower to meet daily bathing needs. The room is truly a spa oasis!  (See photos above.)

Tub or No Tub?
It comes down to how you want your “real estate” space used for your bathrooms. And, if you attended Homearama this year, you can see that many people would be prefer large showers in lieu of tubs.

What do you think – tub or no tub?

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