Pantry Space in Your Home


How organized is your kitchen pantry?

Whether your pantry consists of a few cupboards or an entire room of shelves like the photo above, an organized pantry space certainly makes life easier when preparing meals in the kitchen.

Ideas for your pantry

  • Floor-to-ceiling cabinets give more space
  • Shelves at various heights are preferable to store various sized items
  • Vertical pull-out shelving is a great use of narrow space and makes it convenient to find items; horizontal pull-out shelving is also practical
  • Sliding drawers make finding items easier

Small pantries

  • Use food storage bins for easy access to food groups such as snacks, cereals or canned good
  • If your pantry has a door, install a wire shelf on it to store smaller items

Want more inspiration for your pantry? View Sibcy Cline’s Pantry Ideas Pinterest board here.


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