Updates to Make Your Home Green and Save You Money

energy saving bulbs
Here are some improvements that you can make to your home to make it more green as well as save money in the future:

Light Bulb Exchange
LED light bulbs last longer than traditional ones and are energy efficient.

Home Appliances
Install Energy Star appliances to save money. A new refrigerator uses 75% less energy than one built in the late 1970s – and 20% less than current non-certified models.

Solar Panels
Solar panels have an immediate affect on your utility bill. The panels can be used to heat water for the home, maintain the lighting system as well as provide power.

Efficient Furnace
A new furnace will be more efficient and cost less to operate.

Insulate Your House
Save money by insulating your home. Insulation will allow your home to maintain a steady temperature so the cooling and heating systems are not overused.

Upgrade Water-Use Items
Toilets are the main source of water use in a home. Newer toilets and water faucets use much less water than older models. The EPA reports that a newer toilet will save about $2,000 in water bills over its lifetime.

A WaterSense faucet can reduce water flow by 30% without noticeable lack of performance. Updated bathroom low-flow shower heads aerate the water when it is used.

A new energy-efficient (Energy Star) washer users 35 to 50% less water and 50% less energy per load.

Exterior Doors
Energy-efficient exterior doors can save 10% off of an energy bill. Make sure your doors have a good fit and weather stripping.

Newer windows are more energy efficient. Energy Star windows can save 7-15% on energy bills.

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