Renovating or Building a Home? Read These Tips of What Not to Forget

If you are thinking about renovating your home or building a new one, take a look at all of these tips of things you should not forget about during the construction process. You will see a pattern about having enough electric outlets!


  • Electric outlets in closets for cordless vacuums
  • Space to hang longer items
  • Electrical outlet in the master closet for a steamer or iron
  • Built-in ironing board in master walk-in closet
  • Plan for enough linen closet space


  • Electrical outlet near the head of the bed to easily turn out the light

Electrical Outlets/Wiring

  • 4-plug outlets instead of 2 (especially near the bedside table)
  • Pre-wire speakers indoor/outdoor
  • Electric outlets near stairs for holiday lights
  • Master switch for all lights at each exit of the home
  • Floor electric outlets for the living and family room (especially if the furniture is not going to “hug” the walls)
  • USB port electric outlets
  • Pre-wire for security system
  • Photos of electric (and plumbing) before walls go up for future reference


  • Light switch for the attic below on the lower level of the home
  • Add electrical outlets


  • Recess the refrigerator
  • Copper tubing for the ice maker
  • Knife drawer and other custom storage
  • Pull-out garbage/recycling drawer
  • Drawer microwave
  • Appliance lift for a heavy kitchen mixer
  • Pasta filler faucet near the stove top
  • Drawers for all lower cabinets (more efficient)

Kitchen Pantry

  • Electric outlets for chargers
  • If you have cubbies, have outlets for each one
  • Broom-sized cupboard to hide cleaning supplies
  • Motion light


  • Electrical outlets inside vanity cabinets for hair dryer and electric tooth brush
  • Heated towel racks
  • Hair van pan
  • Pull-out hampers built into cabinetry
  • Make use of room between wall studs and pony wall by creating storage space


  • Electrical outlet for the television


  • Consider efficient pocket doors

Two Doors to the Same Room

  • Add light outlets to each side


  • Hose bibs near a raised deck or patio to make it easy to hose off the area
  • Electrical outlets on porch for holiday lights
  • Gas line for grill
  • Pre-wire for outdoor speakers
  • Garage with 220v for tools

Lower Level

  • Storm shelter


  • Removable handrail/balcony system (so you can move in large furniture or other items)
  • Plumbed for built-in drinking fountain
  • Pets? Plan for food placement, kitty litter box, dog bath and dog crates
  • Soundproof (ie what room is near the bedroom?)

Need help with your home renovation? Contact Sibcy Cline Home Services. They have many experienced vendors that can assist with small or large projects.





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