Do You Want a Big Yard or a Small Yard at Your Home?

Large yard versus small yard

Do you want a large or small yard for your home? Here are some things to consider about that green expanse of grass when buying a home:

Large Yard – Benefits

  • A large yard is great for entertaining, outdoor games and events
  • If you want to add a pool or have a large garden, a large yard makes it easier to install these type of features
  • A large front yard that is well maintained looks very attractive when selling your home

Large Yard – Disadvantages

  • A large yard needs to be mowed, watered and weeded – and this can be time consuming
  • A large yard costs more for fertilizer, mowing, etc… You may need to invest in a riding mower or tractor if you plan on mowing the grass yourself
  • If you do not maintain your large yard, you will loose that curb appeal

What kind of yard do you want with your next home?

Need help with your lawn maintenance? Contact Sibcy Cline Home Services. They can recommend a landscaper to help you!

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