Prepare Your Lawn in the Fall For Winter

Summer is ending and it’s time to tend to the lawn in preparation for winter. Here is what you need to do to have lush, green grass next spring:

Rake Those Leaves
If covered with leaves, your lawn does not get light and will die. So pull out the rake and scoop up the leaves on top of the grass. Or, if there are only a few leaves on the lawn, you can also mow the leaves and mulch them. Be sure to do this when the leaves are dry. The chopped up leaves will then decompose among the grass.

The best time to fertilize a lawn is when the grass has stopped growing but is still green – usually after October 15th. Fertilization will ensure that the grass will survive the winter and come in green the next spring. Note: If you fertilize too early, you only promote new growth in the fall; and if you apply it too late, there is no benefit to the grass. Timing is everything with this turf application.

Cut the Grass Short
In the fall, it is best to cut the grass short and avoid long, matted grass later in the season.

If you have areas that need to be seeded, apply a seed mixture in two directions and make sure the seeds have contact with the soil.

Aeration is the perforation of the soil with small holes to let air, water and nutrients penetrate the grass roots. It helps roots grow deeply that will result in a stronger, more lush lawn.

Blogger’s Note: I seeded, fertilized and aerated my lawn last fall and was very pleased with the dense, green grass the following spring! 

Need help with your fall lawn maintenance? Contact Sibcy Cline Home Services for a recommendation of a service vendor.



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