Go Krogering Online to Stock Your Kitchen

Closeup of woman with shopping cart.
Let’s go Krogering, Krogering, Krogering – let’s go Krogering online.

Yes, you can purchase your groceries online and then pick them up at your favorite Kroger store. The program is not ready just yet, but soon you will be able to enjoy online shopping for bananas, milk, chips and bread (for a fee, of course.)

Currently Kroger is testing the program using its employees as “customers” and it looks as though the Liberty Township Kroger location will be the first to offer this convenience.

Read more about this new way to shop at Kroger here.

Do you download your Kroger coupons weekly?
I think the digital coupons are pretty easy to use. They print out by category and are simple to reference when shopping. I also like the ability to add items onto my shopping list online so I don’t forget what to buy.

Free Friday coupon downloads
I always look to see what the freebie is on Fridays and download that coupon. If it is something I will not personally use, I gift the item to someone I think will enjoy it. My favorite free Friday coupon was the 12-pack of Lipton Iced Tea earlier this year.


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