How To Tell the Kids They Are Moving To a New House

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Selling your home? How do you tell the kids about this move? Here are some tips to consider to make your move a smooth one with your family:

Let Them Know What Is Going On
Talk to your children up front about the upcoming move to a new home. Although they may be sad about leaving their neighborhood, school and friends, you should encourage them to focus on the new experiences they will have in their new home. Help them find out what interesting things there are to do near the new neighborhood to get them excited. They will also probably have a lot of fun planning to decorate their new bedrooms.

Let Them Help
Have you children participate in packing and unpacking. Give them markers to clearly mark their belongings.

You may also want your children to plan a “good bye” party for their friends. Have the invited kids sign a tee shirt with a special farewell message. You can give those kids an address book with contact information or self-addressed cards to stay in touch.

Packing Their Stuff
If a child has a favorite pillow, blanket or stuffed animal, be sure such items either travel with you or are clearly marked in a box that says “open first”.

Another tip is to de-clutter when the kids are asleep or at school. If you planning on shedding some of their toys it might be easier to do so when they do not see what is happening with their things.

Moving In
Be sure take a break from unpacking and enjoy fun family activities to break up that stress of moving into your new home.

Have your children join new sports teams and clubs so they start to make new friends right away.

The New Kid
Some children fear the unknown and being the “new kid” at school. You will need to reassure them that although they will be new at the beginning, this “new” title does not stay long.

You may want to ask a new teacher to pair your child with someone with similar interests.

If you child has a special connection to a friend, be sure to stay in touch. From Skype to FaceTime to texting to online video games, you can encourage your child to stay connected with a favorite pal.

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5 thoughts on “How To Tell the Kids They Are Moving To a New House

  1. I have done all of this too many times to mention. I always got the kids excited about all the new friends they would make and their new rooms and painted and decorated them as soon as we got there with the colors they chose . The biggest debate for me was when to move them, during the summer or before the summer so they meet a few friends in class that they can take into the summer with them. If they are young enough that end of the school year is not so important, it’s well worth considering, it made a huge difference. Another good tip is when you are house hunting, take time off to go to a few cool places that they can look forward to going back to.


  2. I like these tips for moving with kids. I’d also like to add some more hints which I think will make your list even better.

    Try to tell your children you will be moving house as early as possible. The though needs to sink in before they accept it. I’d say a month would be good a period of time.
    Make packing a game. For example, the one who makes the best packing labels wins a secret treat. Besides packing your items you would also spend some quality time with your offspring and what could be better than that?
    Speaking of treats, promise your youngster their favourite snack when you settle into your new house. That way they’d have something to look forward to.
    And the best tip I’ve read so far. Give some of the moving boxes to your child when the relocation is over. Kids love playing with cardboard boxes. The reason being is a box can be used for many purposes. It can be drawled on, crawled in, bend so it would make a space ship, the options are endless. Just do a quick search on cardboard craft on Google and you’d see for yourself.
    Anyway I got these tips form this blog post on moving with children There are more great tips in there as well.


  3. Susan, I’m really glad that I found your article, because this is really important topic. I work for a moving company and I’m a mother of two little princesses . That’s the reason I’m really interested in reading what people can say on this theme. I’m trying to give good advises to our customers with children. One of the best tips I can give is to involve children in the packing process. That gives them feeling of control and sense of ownership over this new and important period of their lives.
    Moving Van Ltd. , office Balham


  4. My sister’s family is moving to a new place. It is very difficult for them to convince their two kids that their life will be better after changing the house. I will definitely share your tips with her. Thank you for sharing


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