The Tri-State: A Thriving Region for Donuts?

“My kingdom for a donut!”

I’m pretty sure that’s a direct quote from William Shakespeare’s Richard III.

Or maybe it’s just my personal life motto. Either way, I think it’s good advice to live by.

And based on our eating habits around the Cincinnati region, I may not be alone! We happen to live in a region that’s great for donuts. Whether your favorite comes from Busken, Graeters, Bill’s Donut Shop (in Centerville), Servatii’s, or Holtman’s. There are tons of delicious choices to make. Which is why we can celebrate one local bakery that’s going to be featured on an upcoming television show: Donut Showdown.

Donut Showdown is (surprise!) a donut-based competition that focuses on using unique elements in donut recipes. In the episode featuring the local Holtman’s Bakery (located in Over-the-Rhine with locations in both Loveland and Williamsburg), the featured ingredient was pink peppercorns. Probably not the donut flavor I’m going for, but hey, welcome to Hollywood.

If you want to find out who wins, tune into the show airing at 9pm on October 9th. In the meantime, you can explore all the great donut options that our region has to offer. And as the old saying goes, a donut a day, keeps the doctor away. Or something.

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