Open House Tips for Home Sellers

If your home is on the market, your real estate agent will probably be planning a public open house to draw in interested home buyers. Here are some tips to get your home show ready for this event:

Hide Kitty and Fido
You do not want people to be distracted by your pets. They should leave with you when you leave your home on open house day. In fact, it is best you remove all evidence that you own a pet. Food dishes, animals beds and toys should be hidden from view. If your home has a pet odor, you need to work on deodorizing.

Family Pics and Momentos
Be sure to remove your family photographs and personal momentos. If you have religious or political items, it is best to stow these pieces out of sight. The buyers need to focus on your home’s space and not your personal items.

Get Rid of Clutter
Be ruthless with your clutter. Throw it away or donate your unwanted items. The refrigerator should be clear of photos, art and other paper on the exterior door. If you have too much furniture in a room, you will need to store these pieces.

You Have To Disappear, Too!
Be sure to make plans away from your home during the open house time period. Buyers will feel uncomfortable looking at your home while you are present.

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