Second Story Auctions – First Auction is Happening Now!

Sibcy Cline’s newest affiliate, Second Story Auctions, is now live and the first auction is happening now. This auction has over 150 items for sale including furniture, glassware, pottery and other home accessories. (There are even a few Coach handbags.)

About Second Story Auctions
The online auction house is available to anyone who wants to buy or sell household goods, furniture, jewelry, collectibles and antiques. Each auction lasts 7 days and all auction items are promoted with a detailed description and multiple photographs. The auction house offers a preview day for each sale so the public can inspect items for sale.

Those interested in selling can have an entire estate sale at their home or have their goods transported to the Second Story Auction warehouse located in Blue Ash.

Take a peek at this auction. You are sure to be SOLD on some treasure!

Here are a few samples of what is on the “auction block” now:

Pottery Barn Dresser

Pottery Barn Dresser

Martha Stewart Couch

Martha Stewart Couch

Rookwood Vase

Rookwood Vase

Pottery Barn Clock

Pottery Barn Clock

2 thoughts on “Second Story Auctions – First Auction is Happening Now!

  1. Just heard about you today! So glad it was easy to find you online. Looking forward to meeting staff and hope to participate.


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