Married or Dating a Real Estate Agent?

Valentine's day concept with heart shape and house over rustic b
Here are some signs that you are married to or dating a real estate agent:

If your loved one is amazing at negotiating everything, you can bet that he or she gets lots of practice with real estate contracts and deals.

Does your special someone exhibit confidence? If yes, remember that real estate agents are self motivated, driven and confident people.

Furniture Disappears
Your significant other occasionally borrows furniture and home accessories from you. This is a sign that your loved one is into home staging to help market those listings.

What Are Weekends?
If your special someone prefers to run errands and go out to dinner during the week but  rarely on weekends, this is sure sign this person is a real estate agent who is busy with clients on Saturdays and Sundays.

Phone Is Always There
If your special gal or guy always has the phone nearby to respond to calls or e-mails, then real estate is a priority for that person who wants to be accessible to clients.

Knows Everything About the Area
Does your love one know everything going on in the area? Real estate agents know their  neighborhood, from houses to new restaurants and businesses. Their focus is on growing the community and you benefit from trying out the newest cafe or pub!

Full Trunk
If your partner has a car trunk filled with boots, paper, tools, pens and (oh yes) signs and frames – then that person is actively listing homes.

You Know Real Estate Shows Are Bogus
You want to believe that the Million Dollar Listing television show’s real estate agents sell mega-buck homes in just days and for over-asking prices. But, your significant real estate person keeps your reality in check with how real estate sales really work. (And no, people do not look at just three homes and make a decision which of the three to buy.)

Fun People
Real Estate people are fun! They can be the life of a party and always are interesting to talk to. This is one of the reasons why you love your special real estate someone so much!



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