Monthly Home Maintenance in October

Porch AutumnFall is upon us and with the change of season comes a whole list of items around the house to check on and address. Below are a couple of ideas on how to stay on top of your home maintenance in the month of October.

1. Replace Air Filter
Some people like to change their air filter every month, especially if they have pets or are particularly sensitive to dust. If you don’t change your air filter out monthly, October is a great month to put a new one in.

2. Install or Close Storm Windows
While October usually presents nice, mild weather, it is a good time to consider cleaning and installing your storm windows. Any barrier from the cooler weather outside will keep your heating costs down. If storm windows aren’t an option for your windows, sealing out the cold with plastic sheeting kits is another option.

3. Caulk and Seal Drafts
A great way to reduce cold air from creeping in this winter is to go around to all doors and windows and check the caulking and re-seal, if necessary. Also make sure to check any seams in the siding of your house or places where two different building materials connect.

4. Check Weather Stripping
Check the weather stripping around your exterior doors for damage or wear. Replacing old weather stripping can reduce drafts and increase your home’s energy efficiency.

5. Clean Gutters and Down Spouts
Once the leaves have dropped it’s important to make sure your gutters are clear of leaves and debris. Clogged gutters can cause overflow and water damage to the house.

Bonus Tip: Lawn Mower Maintenance
October usually doesn’t conjure a mental image of a lawn mower, but it’s a great time of year to service your mower before stowing it away for a long winter’s nap.

– Run out the gas
– Clean off debris
– Change oil
– Sharpen blade
– Clean or replaceĀ air filter
– Clean or replace spark plug

1 thought on “Monthly Home Maintenance in October

  1. Always good to keep maintenance tips like this in mind as we move into the colder months. People often forget that routine home maintenance during winter is equally important. Thanks for sharing!


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