Updates and Staging Tips for Your Kitchen When Selling Your Home

If you are getting your home ready to sell, here are some tips for your kitchen, a very popular room for home buyers to preview:

Clean It
The kitchen needs to be super clean from top to bottom.

Plant Shelves
If you have plant shelves, remove all greenery and accessories. These items are not necessary and will detract from the height of the ceiling. (They also collect dust.)

If your kitchen has wallpaper and borders, remove them and paint the room an appealing neutral color.HardwareCabinets
Old hardware should be replaced. If cabinets look old, you may want to consider painting or re-facing them.

If your countertops have seen better days, consider updating them to maximize appeal.

Lighting sets the mood for a kitchen. Be sure there is lots of natural light flowing into the room.

Small Appliances
Pack away all small appliances that you do not use daily.

Organize the pantry and make it look spacious.KitchenMagnets
Remove magnets and other materials from the refrigerator.NapkinStaging
If you kitchen looks too monochromatic, consider bringing in color with a few accessories such as a bowl of apples or lemons. A cookbook on a stand looks lovely especially when the page is turned to one with a beautiful photo. If you have an eat-in area, set the table with layered dishes, glassware and napkins.

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