Signs It Is Time To Move To A New Home

Have you been thinking of moving? Here are some “signs” that it may be time to contact your real estate agent and make that move to a new home:

Not Enough Room
If your family has grown, you may need a larger home with more bedrooms and baths. As they grow older, kids need their own space for homework and entertaining friends.

The Nest Is Empty
If your children have moved away to college or their own apartments or homes, you may no longer need all of the bedrooms in your home. If you are not planning to convert those unused spaces into a craft room or office space, then it may be time to downsize in a new home with less space.

No More Snow
If you just cannot take shoveling snow and ice on your driveway and sidewalks again, perhaps it is time to either look into a condominium (where snow removal is taken care of for you) or move to a warmer environment.

Time For An Upgrade
You’ve been in your “starter” home for quite a few years, work is going well and you’ve been dreaming of an updated kitchen. Maybe it’s time to sell that old, first home and upgrade to a larger one.

Shorter Commute
Your neighborhood is great but you feel as though you spend more time in the car or bus than at home in your living room. Now may be the time to make a move to a new home that is closer to work.



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