Do Not Turn Off Home Buyers with these Home Design Trends

Your home should reflect who you are and your personality. But, if you are planning on selling your house, your home decor also needs to appeal to the masses. Here are some popular home trends that should be avoided:

Bold Paint
If your favorite color is purple or another bold color, that is great. Use this color in easy-to-remove accent pillows or accessories. Do not use such bold colors on your walls. Buyers prefer neutral walls and may not want to bother repainting them.

Wallpaper with graphic patterns is to personal taste. What you may like may not appeal to others. Instead of using wallpaper, consider painting that accent wall in a neutral color.

Unique Lighting
Sometimes light fixtures can resemble works of art and are selected based upon personal taste. Lighting that is more demure and provides great light is a safer choice.

Gold fixtures look outdated. If your home has a lot of gold, consider changing to brushed nickel – which looks more in style to current tastes.

A garage is for parking cars. If you use your garage for other purposes, change it back.

A bedroom that cannot be easily converted back into a bedroom should be converted back when you are selling your home.

English Garden
If your landscaping resembles a large, lush English garden, potential buyers may not want to maintain such an overly landscaped property.

Pool and Hot Tubs
Some people will view a pool or hot tub as a benefit and others will look at them as headaches.

Need help with making home decor decisions that will be buyer friendly? Contact your real estate agent for an opinion. That person looks at homes every day and will have a good feel for buyers’ likes and dislikes.

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