Sibcy Cline Conducts Usability Study on

To maintain the highest level of usability for Sibcy Cline’s website, the Sibcy Cline Technology Department recently conducted two days of study monitoring testers’ habits on the site. The goal of the testing was to give insight into the user’s experience when searching for homes to buy.

This high-tech research study involved tracking eyeball navigation. A dozen testers were asked to find homes on the website in different areas from which they currently reside.  A facilitator worked with the tester prompting for home searches from a variety of Sibcy Cline’s web pages.

While a test searched for homes, specialized tracking software followed that person’s viewing habits. Sibcy Cline Technology staff were able to view all testers and their search habits in real time in a separate room.

The results? Sibcy Cline Technology is now fine tuning the advanced search page to make it more intuitive as well as making other updates throughout the site based upon their observations.

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