Decorating Your Listed Home To Sell During the Holidays

Selling your home during the holiday season can be a challenge. You want your home to look festive, but you know that neutrally decorated rooms are best when buyers preview it. What is one to do? The key to holiday decor when selling is to provide that festive feel for buyers while not inviting them to your Christmas party.

Here are some tips to consider concerning decorating your home:

Be Subtle With Decor
Holiday decor should be kept to a minimum to keep clutter to a minimum. Wreaths look very festive on doors. If you put up a tree, be sure to pack up a table or chair in its place.

Remember, less is more. Do not pull out all of your holiday tchotchkes and collections. (This is not the year to decorate a la Clark Griswald!)

Accentuate and Match
Holiday ornaments should match your current decor. And, don’t forget to accentuate some of your home’s features. If you have a lovely mantel, call attention to it with greenery.  The same goes for your staircase.

Be Neutral
Too many religious decorative items can make some buyers feel unwelcome. Make sure your holiday decor is neutral and appeals to many. Consider decorating with evergreens, berries and lights. Think winter decor instead of Christmas or Hanukkah.

Holiday Cards
This will not be the year to display your holiday cards. They become clutter and draw attention away from your home’s features.

Spread the Cheer
You may want to add a little cheer for those who visit your home during the holidays by having hot apple cider and holiday cookies or breads available.

Need some visual inspiration for decorating? Go to HGTV for some ideas or head on over to Houzz.

Do you have other ideas on holiday decor for homes on the market to sell? Please share with us!


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