Increase Your Home’s Value with These Projects

Here are some tips that can help to make your home more valuable:

Updating your bathroom will catch a buyer’s eye. Paint the walls. Add moldings. See this blog for a very creative bath update for under $300.

Kitchen Cabinets
If your kitchen cabinet’s are looking dated, consider painting them to make them look fresh. Go here to see how your can paint your cabinets yourself.

Crown Molding
Crown molding makes a room look finished. Are you a DIYer? Here is a blog that shows you how to install moldings.

Updated lighting not only brightens a room, but makes it look more appealing.

Add Built Ins
Built-in bookcases not only store your books and collections, but can become a focal point for a room. Here is a blog that shows how to use IKEA bookcases and trim them out for a custom look.

Need help with your home project? Contact Sibcy Cline Home Services and they can connect with you a qualified home-service vendor.




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