March Maintenance

It’s hard to believe that spring is only a few weeks away. Winter seems to have intentions of over-staying its welcome. While the snow still covers the ground (and hopefully starts melting away) there are a few projects you can get started to get a head start on spring maintenance.

Let’s start inside…
Jump Start Your Spring Cleaning
A good dusting or vacuuming of ceiling fans, tops of cabinets and draperies will have you ready to throw open the windows and welcome in the warm spring air.

Organize a Closet (or two!)
Personally, I tend to make a mess by pulling everything out before organizing. If you also go with the “deep clean” method, throw a coat of paint up in the closet for a fresh start. Closets can often become catch-alls, but they can be even more useful with a couple organized shelves or practical intention. Here a couple  creative closet ideas!

Makeover Project
Select a piece of furniture, unused nook or neglected space and give it a new look or purpose. In the case of furniture, I like to pick a piece that has been hidden away or unused for sometime and think of some way to give it new life. You don’t have to break the bank and there are plenty ideas on sites like Pinterest, if you don’t have something in mind.

Start Your Garden… Indoors!
Growing your own vegetables, herbs or flowers from seed can be a very inexpensive and rewarding way to garden. If you are new to this process, here are some helpful hints for beginners.

Outside (Brrrrr… maybe wait until some of the snow melts!)
Walk Around
Take an observant stroll around your house and take note of anything that looks ‘off’. Areas to focus on are roofing, siding, foundation (especially where it meets the ground and other building materials), and weather stripping around doors, windows and garage doors. Look for any tears, cracks, missing or otherwise ‘disturbed’ materials. It’s always a good idea to take care of any issues on your home’s exterior, so they don’t creep inside and create even bigger problems.

Lawn Prep
March is a good time to clean up the mess winter has left behind. Pick up broken branches and tree debris. Rake leftover leaves. You can also start application of organic herbicides to prevent weeds. Of course, we’ll all have to wait until we can actually see our lawns again.

Clean the Windows
Inside and out. Use the hose to rinse off screens. Improve your view of the spring flowers and green grass.

Spring is right around the corner and you’ll want to spend as much time outside as possible, so use the last weeks of winter to tidy everything up inside.

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