Sibcy Cline’s Web Site Hits A Record

Are people interested in homes? Yes. And Sibcy Cline’s web site can prove it.

The web site hit  a record number in March with 41,556 average daily visits. The prior record was set in April 2014 with 37,859 visits – that’s 9.7% increase in the number of visits.

What so many visits?
Consumer confidence is at the highest level in over a decade. Job creation, easing of credit loans and consumer confidence in the economy has led to a resurged interest in housing. Interest rates are still low, making purchasing a home even more appealing. Since housing values are starting to rise in most areas, buyers feel confident in purchasing a home once again. – Easy to use website 
Another reason for a record-setting number of views is also the fact that Sibcy Cline’s web site is the dominant real estate site for the region. It pulls in substantially more web traffic than any other local real estate broker.

The site offers buyers an easy-to-use and accurate place for researching homes. Viewers can easily see large photos of homes along with many details including house specs, community information and an interactive location map.

Advanced searches for homes on the web site can include: new listings, price changes, open houses as well as new construction filters. Buyers can preview homes by city/suburb, school district or county. There are even more filters for home search including price and home type.

The web site makes home search easy.

Sibcy Cline has been running a robust radio ad campaign promoting the web site since January.

March 2015 Statistics

  • 8 minutes – average time spent on the site per visit
  • 11 pages – average number of pages viewed per visit
  • 13,9146  listing detail (property) pages – average views daily
  • 4,313,514 listing detail (property) pages  – total viewed in March
  • 29,973 unique visitors – daily average

Is it time to sell your home?
There is currently a shortage of homes for sale in our market areas. If you have been considering selling your home, now would be a good time to do so. Contact your Sibcy Cline agent.


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