Smale Riverfront Park Update




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With baseball season underway and the All-Star Game just days away, we are lured with warmer temperatures to the banks of the Ohio River to view what’s new at the Smale Riverfront Park.

Perhaps the most highly anticipated attraction was unveiled on May 16. Carol Ann’s Carousel features 44 carousel characters and will operate year-round. You can preview some of the carousel figures here and get a behind-the-scenes look at the process and inspiration behind local artist Jonathan Queen’s work below.


More Venues Opening Summer 2015

  • Castellini Esplanade – 28 picnic tables that move on rails (will host future riverfront farmer’s markets). It’s design reflects the historic character of the produce industry.
  • Great Lawn – 2.5 acres with a curved pathway and the Ohio River Trail
  • Sue & Joe Pichler Family Fountains at Vine Street – The steps align withe Vine Street and feature water cascades that light up at dusk. The plaza has fountains for play as well as water curtains and a reflecting pool
  • Portland Loo – aka a toilet, this is a clean, safe place to go!
  • P&G Go Vibrantscape featuring the “oinkihopter” aka a flying pig with rope ladders; granite map of the riverfront to see how flood waters rise and recede and fitness path
  • Foot piano with 32 chimes (chimes sound every 15 minutes)
  • Anderson Pavilion – A banquet center is located beneath the carousel with views of the lower park and bridges and is available for rent
  • Heekin/PNC Grow Up Adventure Playground – Next to the Roebling Suspension Bridge, this play area has a rock-climbinb canyon, slides, rope bridge and a granite seating amphitheater.
  • Gardner Family Grove and Rose Garden – This grove has pathways, trees and many varieties of roses.

Phase 6 of the Smale Park is still being designed. Stay tuned for more updates!

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