4 Ideas To Make Your Home For Sale Look Welcoming To Buyers

First impressions count when selling your home. Make sure buyers will want to see even more of what your home has to offer inside by creating a front entrance that is very appealing. Here are four tips:

Georgian Architecture

1. Clear View
Overgrown shrubs or bushes should be cut back so there is an unobstructed view of the home. Trim tree branches if they are in the way.

2. Lighting
Landscape lighting makes a home look very attractive at dusk. Use solar-powered LED lights or have professionally installed landscape lighting.

Grey house exterior with black door.
3. The Door

Make sure the front door is in great condition. Does it need painting? Does the hardware need replacement or simply a good buffing? Address numbers should be easy to see. (See inspirational ideas for address numbers here.) The mail box should be in good condition. A door mat is always a good idea since your home will be getting lots of foot traffic from potential buyers.

Landscaped flower garden

4. Landscaping
Keep the yard mowed and tidy during spring and summer. Leaves should be removed regularly in the fall. In the winter, you will need to have the sidewalks and driveway shoveled regularly.

During warmer months, pay attention to plants and shrubs. If your front entrance does not offer a lot of color, you may want to consider planting flowers in pots to attract the eye. Mulch can make landscaping look fresh.

No clutter! All toys and bikes need to be stowed in their proper places and not on the lawn.

Need Inspiration?
Look at Sibcy Cline’s Pinterest Curb Appeal Board.

Need Assistance?
Sibcy Cline Home Services can connect with you with many home-related vendors who can make your home look its best!

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