Seven Myths About Real Estate

If you are thinking of selling your home, read and consider these seven real estate myths:

1 – You Do Not Need To Make Repairs Before Selling Your Home
Myth. If your home is in good repair, it will sell at a higher price. Make your home stand out by having it in great condition from top to bottom.

 2 – No One Cares About Curb Appeal
Myth. Wrong! In order for you to lure a buyer into your home, it needs to look appealing on the outside.

3 – Everyone Will Love My Choice in Colors
Myth. Although you may have enjoyed your expressive accent wall, it is better to have neutral colors in your home that will appeal to more buyers.

4 – I Am Going To Price My Home High and Then Lower It Later if Need Be
Myth. This is not a good strategy. Your overpriced home will not attract buyers or offers. If your home is on the market for a long time, it might get low offers.

5 – I Am Not Going to Accept the First Offer
Myth. If you think you will be getting a higher-priced offer, you may or may not. If the offer is good, you should accept it.

6 – I Have Lived in My Home For 10 Years and I Know it Has Doubled in Value
Myth. Current market values dictate a home’s value. After 10 years, one would hope your home has increased in its value – even though it may not be double in price.

7 – I Should Earn All of My Remodeling Improvement Costs Back When I Sell
Myth. It’s almost impossible to get 100% of remodeling costs back when it is time to sell. Some improvements add a higher value than others. Check the annual Cost vs Value Survey.

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