Why You Should Sell Your Home During Spring

Spring is here – the lawn is green, flowers are popping out and the temperature is pleasant. Now may be the best time for you to list your home to sell! Read why…

Tax Refunds
A buyer may have received a tax refund to use towards purchasing a new home.

It’s Warm
With the warming of temperatures during spring, there is a sense of new beginnings – and that includes buyers thinking about moving into a new home. There are more active house-hunters during April, May and June. (This is especially true this year after such a snowy winter.)

Easier for Sellers To Move Out
When buying a home during the spring season, that person will then move in during summer which is an easier time to make a transition – especially for those with children.

Not Enough Homes For Sale
There is a historic low number of homes available for sale. This shortage has caused a brisk selling market due to a high demand for homes.

Great Time To Move Up
If you are planning on moving up to either a larger or more expensive home, now is a good time to do so. Prices are projected to appreciate by 8% at the end of this year. It will cost you less money to buy now before prices go higher.

Look for homes here.


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