Staging the Bedroom When Selling Your Home

Rooms in your home should be looking their best to appeal to buyers when selling your home. Don’t forget to make sure your bedroom looks like a relaxing retreat. Here are some tips on staging this room:

Clear the Clutter
This room needs to look as large as possible. Clearing clutter will add space to your bedroom.

If you have a very large bed in a small bedroom, the entire room will look even smaller. Be sure to use furniture in proportion to the size of the room to make it look larger. Remove extra furniture to create even more space.

Focal Point
The bed is usually the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom and will probably be the focal point. The bed should have a headboard to frame it and two night stands – one on either side. Lamps on stands need to be in proportion.


Think Zen
Bedding should have a hotel feel with white linens, while pillows and neutral duvet covers. Think comfort and relaxation. A bed skirt will hide the box springs. A tailored style bed skirt in a heavy material looks best as it will not wrinkle.

Bedside Table
The table near the bed should not have clutter. Too many items can be a distraction to buyers.

The Closets
Buyers will inspect your closets, so make sure they are cleaned out and organized.

Let as much natural light as possible into the room. Fabric window treatments can add texture to the room.

Wall Colors
A soft cappuccino, taupe, sage green or soft blue on walls will look lovely and inviting in bedrooms.

Need help staging your bedroom or other rooms to sell? Contact Sibcy Cline Home Services for recommendations of home stagers.



2 thoughts on “Staging the Bedroom When Selling Your Home

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