Ten Things To Keep Your Home Safe

Unrecognizable burglar with  flashlight  in shadow on wood backg
Have you considered how safe your home is from intruders? Here are 10 things to consider:

1.  Do you know who has keys or the garage code to you home? As a new buyer, make the investment to have your doors re-keyed and code reset by a bonded locksmith.

2.  Beware of people who knock on your door to use a phone, ask directions or offer to do maintenance services for cash.

3.  When you will be away for an extended time, leave on a TV or radio. Devices and timers can be purchased to simulate that someone is home.

4.  Most burglars, don’t look the part, watch for anyone that seems to be hanging around the neighborhood. They may be carrying a clipboard or dressed like a landscaper.

5.  Burglars will typically shy away from a home with loud dogs and security system identification.

6.  Most invest in an expensive security system and then do not turn it on when they leave for vacation or extended periods.

7.  Postpone newspaper delivery or have a neighbor remove from your doorstep.

8.  It’s fun to share vacation photos on Facebook – but, the message to a burglar is
that you are out of town. It’s easier than you think to look up your address.

9.  Make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked when you leave. An open window could be just the invitation a burglar is looking for.

10.  Contact Sibcy Cline Home Services to have your doors re-keyed, upgrade your current security system or install a new one. 


Courtesy of: Barbara Bruns of Sibcy Cline Home Services


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