Your Home Sold – Here is Your List for Moving-In Day

Congratulations – your home has sold! Here is a list of things you will need on moving day:

  • Toilet paper, hand soap and paper towels – The new house may not have any so it is best to come prepared.
  • Cash – You’ll want to tip your movers and probably order a pizza or two.
  • Small tool kit – You may need your tools to open boxes or putting things together.
  • Trash bags – When unwrapping boxes, you will build up your trash (and recycle piles.)
  • Chargers and power strips – You’ll probably need to “plug in” things while unpacking. The chargers can keep your phone and other devices working.
  • Soap, toothpaste and toothbrush – You should have easy access to your grooming kit and towels.
  • Home cleaners – Hopefully, the former homeowners left your new home spotless, but just in case, it is a good idea to have some cleaning products handy: all-purpose cleaner, Clorox wipes and paper towels!
  • Snacks – Unpacking is hard work. You’ll want to take a break with some liquid refreshment and snacks.
  • Kitchen survival kit – If your dishes are packed away, it is good to have some disposable utensils, paper plates and cups nearby. A small box with kitchen supplies is not a bad idea, either. Include a can opener, cutting knife and a medium-sized pot.
  • Pet food – The pooch or kitty needs to eat!
  • Meds – Keep all medications that you take daily in your car.
  • Kids’ stuff – If you have small children, be sure to have some favorite toys available so they stay occupied

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