How the Tesla Battery Could Change Home Energy

One of the biggest housing market trends over the past few years has been energy efficiency. From the rise of Energy Star appliances to “smart homes” – equipped with the best technology to regulate energy use – homeowners are looking for ways to save money and help the environment at the same time.

One new idea is the Tesla home battery. What is it? Officially known as the Powerwall, this battery acts like the traditional backup generator many homeowners already have – but it removes the need to connect to the main power grid. The battery has shown promise as a self-sustaining alternative energy solution. It can be paired with solar power to run many systems in a home, all for a lower cost than traditional electricity.

Home battery gains popularity
Right now, the home battery is in its infancy. The technology works, but creating each unit for an affordable price, and then installing it, is where it gets a bit tricky. The battery alone costs between $3,000 and $3,500, depending on the size. However, the total price for the homeowner increases to more than $7,000 when parts, installation and labor are added.

Consequently, the home battery is an interesting idea and a niche product at the moment. But homebuyers who have this battery are sharing rave reviews.

“I think it’s brilliant,” California-based homeowner and Tesla home battery owner Mike Thielen told the Associated Press. “I would consider upgrading to a more powerful home battery if they could figure out a way to get me totally off the grid.”

Energy efficiency remains homeowners’ priority
Many homeowners today are keen on energy efficiency, and the Tesla home battery is just one example of a new technology that shows promise.

From a real estate perspective, a home with more energy-efficient components is more likely to sell. Whether it’s the Tesla home battery, which is cheap to operate and could pay for itself in as little as four or five years, or something more common, like Energy Star appliances, tankless water heaters and high-quality windows and doors, home buyers are increasingly more interested in efficiency.

So far, the Tesla home battery is being tested by eager homeowners across the country. Many are in California, where the state offers financial incentives for energy-efficient homes. Even so, the battery itself could catch on in more places as the price comes down – and more homeowners take advantage of eco-friendly home systems.

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