Tour Guide: A Visit to Cincinnati


This weekend’s All-Star Game festivities offer an excellent opportunity to show the thousands of visitors all that Cincinnati and the tri-state area has to offer. As residents, we each have our favorite places to eat, drink or be merry. A recent article by Katie McGinty on inspired me to ask the question, “What would I tell an out-of-towner about Cincinnati?” So here’s my list.

Cincinnati has a long history in the pork-production industry and was the nation’s leading pork producer in the mid-19th century. Even as the city was surpassed by it’s “big sister” in Chicago, Northern Kentucky native Robert Glier revitalized a German breakfast dish comprised of ground pork and oats and gave us ‘goetta’. Glier’s produces over 1 million pounds of goetta each year, most of which is consumed in the tri-state. Also, go to Eli’s. Just do it.

Beer brewing (and beer drinking) have just as deep roots in the Cincinnati as pork. (Beer and pork…mmm.) As Greg Noble and Lucy May put it, “For decades before and after the turn of the 20th century, Cincinnati was one of the beer-drinkingest, beer-brewingest cities in America.” Now you can take a guided tour of some of the old breweries in the city. Within the past couple of years, Cincinnati has seen its local brewery scene revitalized by the likes of Christian Morelein, Rhinegheist, MadTree and many others. If you’re looking for some insight on Greater Cincinnati’s brewing scene, check out The Gnarly Gnome.

Chili (Cincinnati-style)
It seems like most out-of-town reviews of Cincinnati chili are filled with groans, eye rolls and “that’s not chili!” comments. I get it. We all get it. It’s different. But it’s also delicious (especially after a couple of our local beers!). I wish we had a different name for it because “chili” is deceiving for newcomers. Bottom line: meaty sauce with shredded cheese over a hot dog or plate of spaghetti is a Cincinnati food group and you should have some.

Cincinnati is surrounded by scenic river ways and parks that highlight the wonderful views. The Great Miami River, the Little Miami River, the Licking River (KY) and the Ohio River offer plenty of opportunity to explore or relax while taking in the vistas of rolling hills. Cincinnati is one of the top cities in the nation in parks per capita. Whether you’re looking for something family friendly, a woodsy hike, or something within the city, there’s a park in the area to suit your needs. Washington Park and Smale Park downtown are two of the newest/renovated parks in the area and are always a lively place to spend some time.

Cincinnati Music Festival. Bunbury Music Festival. Buckle Up Music Festival. Party in the Park. Cincinnati Pops Orchestra. Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Cincinnati Music Hall. Loads of local music venues including: MOTR, Woodward Theater, Southgate House Revival, Northside Tavern, and many more.

Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati Art Museum. National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. Taft Museum of Art. Contemporary Arts Center. American Sign Museum. Cincinnati Fire Museum. Harriet Beecher Stowe House.

Believe it or not, there are still dozens (if not hundreds) more attractions that make up this great city. This list will give you just a taste of Cincinnati flavor.

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