Bike Path Is Getting Closer To Downtown Cincinnati

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The Little Miami Scenic Trail is expanding and is coming closer to downtown Cincinnati. By spring 2016, the path will be one (to-be-built) bridge away from connecting to the Lunken Airport and Otto Armleder Memorial trails.

In Anderson Township, ground has been broke for a 3.2 mile extension of the trail (connecting Little Miami Golf Center in Newtown to SR 32 and Beechmont Avenue.) This extension will be completed in spring 2016.

Following the construction are plans to connect the trail to the Lunken and Armleder trails with a proposed bridge.

Read more about the bike trail expansions here.

About the Little Miami Scenic Trail
The trail begins in Newtown (in Hamilton County) and travels 75-80 miles north to Springfield (in Clark County.) Part of the trail parallels the river for which it is named. Riders along the trail will see small towns, canoe liveries as well as Ft. Ancient while heading northward.

The northern part of the trail follows historic railroad corridors (through Xenia and Springfield.) A portion of trail is in Yellow Springs near the John Bryan State Park and the Glen Helen nature preserve. In Green County, the trail also permits horseback riding.

Go here to see a map of the trail.

The Little Miami Scenic Trail is the fourth longest paved trail in the U.S.


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