Dayton’s Carillon Historical Park

Carillon Tower
The Carillon Historical Park in Dayton, Ohio is located on 65 acres and contains historic buildings as well as exhibits about the history of Dayton’s technology from 1796 to the present. You can learn about settlements, transportation, invention and industry.

At the park, you can see the original Wright Flyer III airplane as well as a steam locomotive from 1835 and one of the first self-starting cars.

Enjoy the Carillon Brewing Co. brewery and restaurant. Learn all about old brewing methods while enjoying your meal!

The Heritage Center of Dayton Manufacturing & Entrepreneurship features a 4-D Theater, as well as a full-scale carousel featuring images about Dayton innovation.

Hawthorne Hill is the mansion that was once Orville Wright’s home. Visitors to this home have included Charles A. Lindbergh and Franklin D. Roosevelt! It’s a step back into history when touring rooms.

The Park also features the Deeds Carillon, one of Dayton’s best-known landmarks, and the largest carillon in Ohio.

Watch this video with a sky view of the park here:

Listen to the carillon chimes here:

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