Best Outdoor DIY Projects for August

The end of summer is almost here, but that doesn’t mean it is time to pack up and head indoors. Quite the opposite, actually. Late August, September and even October can have some fantastic backyard weather days.

If you want to capitalize on the last days of summer, then you may want to spruce up your yard. Here are four great outdoor DIY projects to try, whether you live in the city or the sticks:

  1. DIY bug repellent
    One fantastic, affordable DIY project to chase pests away is a homemade citronella candle. Simply add a few drops of citronella essential oil which can be found in health food stores or online to your candle wax and add your wick. As an alternative, you can create a makeshift torch out of an old wine bottle. Always keep safety a priority, of course.
  2. DIY bird feeders
    Before the birds head to warmer weather for the winter, you can attract a few to your yard. Old bottles can be reused as bird feeders by drilling a small hole on the side near the bottom, and then gluing it to an old plate. This creates your classic bird feeder look, just add the seed. You can upgrade the feeder, too, by hanging it from the neck of the bottle on a nearby tree. More ideas for bird feeders are here, here and here.
  3. DIY movie theater
    If you have an old projector sitting around, you can easily use it to create an outdoor movie theater. The hard part is the screen, which can be accomplished with some old, white sheets. You can hang the sheet in your yard, but make sure to anchor the corners so the wind doesn’t get a hold of it. Then, all you need are a few friends, a good movie and popcorn. Get more inspiration here, herehere and here.
  4. DIY outdoor lights
    Ever wanted to add fantastic mood lighting to your yard? DIY mason-jar lights may be the answer. You will need mason jars, a few LED garden lights and a small battery – lithium coin cells work well. Connect the LED light to the battery and tape the assembly to the mason jar’s lid. Then, strategically place the jars around your yard. More ideas are here, here and here.

With these tips in hand, you’ll be all set to enjoy that last month of summer before it is time to start preparing for fall.

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