Which Kitchen Design Elements are Best for Buyers?

Homeowners and sellers who hope to upgrade their kitchens should bear in mind design trends for 2016.

The kitchen is a storage space, cooking area and a gathering place. Its myriad purposes make it one of the most important rooms in the home, and therefore it’s one that should be well-designed. Whether you intend to remain in place for the next decade, or sell in the near future, the kitchen is the one room in your house that you’ll probably want to look stunning all of the time. Essentially, the style of your entire home depends on your kitchen. In addition to maintaining its aesthetic integrity for cosmetic reasons, the kitchen is also one of the most important rooms with regard to return on investment. Below are a few trends to think about when remodeling a kitchen in 2016:

1. Simple and streamlined
This year buyers will be looking for kitchens that are sleek with smooth lines and an efficient use of space. If you plan to replace your cabinets, countertop or appliances, look for materials and products that are streamlined and subtle. Simple, yet elegant, design elements can be a sign of luxury. This sort of modern look can go well with a pared down color scheme. A minimalist kitchen with sleek lines, a neutral color scheme and simple features will attract plenty of buyers in 2016.

2. White, grey and black
Speaking of minimalism, white, grey and black will be the kitchen colors of 2016. Pair your sleek kitchen with simple colors to get the most out of the minimalist designs that will be popular among buyers. Painting the room with neutral colors requires minimal spending and work, and can substantially improve the appearance of the space. This can be a great option for someone who doesn’t want to completely overhaul the kitchen, but would like to update the kitchen with minimal investment.

3. Focus on function
A neutral color scheme may be the least expensive way to update the kitchen, but pairing a fresh coat of paint with function and efficiency will make the kitchen even more attractive. For example, look for ways to add storage to your kitchen, or use kitchen organizers to reset the pantry making it appear more spacious and easier to find ingredients for meal preparation. Additionally, you may want to find ways to subtly integrate technology into your kitchen. Smart homes are the wave of the future. If it is a pragmatic addition to the kitchen, and is in keeping with the simple and sleek design elements buyers in 2016 will love, then consider working it in with your cabinets or countertop.

Design elements that came about during the recession, such as open cabinets and reclaimed wood, are no longer appealing to buyers. This year kitchens will grow more streamlined and increasingly functional. This is the sort of kitchen that homeowners and sellers should be striving for, to get the most interest and best return on their investment. In fact, as far as home selling tips go, giving buyers what they want out of a kitchen is a big step toward a sold sign on your front lawn.

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