Make a Resolution to Buy or Sell a Home with Sibcy Cline Realtors

ResolutionsCityBeat Magazine, a local weekly publication, recently featured its “Resolutions” issue. Rob Sibcy, president of Sibcy Cline Realtors, wrote about making homeownership as part of this year’s resolution.

Here is the full Q and A from CityBeat:

Why should Sibcy Cline be on one’s list of Resolutions? 
It’s a great time to sell and buy a home in 2016! Home values are rising and homes on the market priced correctly sell quickly.

How will working towards this goal help people grow during the year? 
Owning a home has always been a large part of the American dream. Home is where you raise your family and create memories. Per Forbes Magazine and the Federal Reserve, owning a home (versus renting) can also contribute to one’s net worth.

What challenges hold people back from being more engaged in buying or selling a home?
The process of buying and selling a home can be overwhelming. For example, buyers may be fearful they will not qualify for a mortgage loan. Our Sibcy Cline Mortgage Services loan officers are there to help them learn about the many loan options available to them.

How would engaging with Sibcy Cline help folks achieve their Resolutions goal?
If this is the year you are planning to to buy or sell a home (as we hope it is), our Sibcy Cline agents and our support services are there to help. Our website assists you with your search, our agents will guide you through the buying and selling process; and Sibcy Cline Mortgage, Title, Insurance and Home Services are available to complete a smooth transaction.

What is new this upcoming year at Sibcy Cline?
We expect the traffic to our website to increase. In 2015, had over 152 million page views – more that any other local real estate broker. We see an increasing number of people who look at our site on mobile or tablet devices. In 2014, 47% of our web traffic was mobile and in 2015, 68% of people looked at homes from such devices. We expect that number to increase in 2016.

What accomplishments are you most proud of during 2015 at Sibcy Cline?
Sibcy Cline had an outstanding year in 2015 and for that we are thankful to the community and our agents. We are also very proud of all our 1,200 Realtors at Sibcy Cline. We feel our agents are the best trained in the region and we offer them business development training throughout the year to keep them knowledgeable and better able to serve their clients.

What offerings or programs will be particularly helpful for people serious about their 2016 resolutions? 
If you are interested in buying or selling a home, we suggest contacting a Sibcy Cline agent! For those selling, our agents can provide a current market analysis of your home is as well as make recommendations to get your home “market ready” to get top dollar when it sells. For home buyers, your Sibcy Cline agent will guide you towards mortgage pre-qualification as well as show you homes.

What benefits of working with or visiting Sibcy Cline might surprise people?
Sometimes people do not realize how many services Sibcy Cline has available to help them in buying and selling a home. We have Sibcy Cline Mortgage, Relocation, Title, Insurance and Home Services, professional photographers as well as the best real estate website available to help our clients. All of these services, plus the outstanding knowledge of our agents, makes buying and selling a home a positive experience. Sibcy Cline is a family-run business and we take great pride in helping people realize their dream of homeownership.

What is Sibcy Cline resolution for 2016? 
Sibcy Cline’s resolution is to continue to offer the best real estate experience. We strive to improve our service to give our agents and their clients the best possible experience.

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