Eight Tips to Stage Your Home To Sell

LIvingRoom_WhiteStaged homes for sale are more appealing and have a better chance of capturing a buyer’s eye. Here are eight staging tips to think about for your home:

1. Stage the Room for Its Intended Use
If you have an empty bedroom that is used as a “junk room”, consider staging it back as a bedroom chamber. The same is true for dining rooms that have been converted to either play rooms or family rooms.

2. Remove Your Personal Touch from the Home
Your home almost becomes a model home when it is on the market to sell. All of your family photos and other personal items should be removed. If you have used a strong paint color, consider repainting the room or wall with a more neutral color. You do not want buyers distracted by your personal taste and items in your home.

3. Updates
Hardwood floors, new countertops and up-to-date lighting can make your home look more modern.

4. Furniture Groupings
Furniture that hugs the walls is not as attractive as floating them away from walls. Sofas and chairs should be moved into groups.

5. Paint to Make a Room Look Larger
If you paint a room the same color as an adjacent room, it will look larger.

6. Accessories – Minimal and in Threes
Edit your accessories to a minimum and remember that the eye is more attracted to groupings of three or other odd numbers. Height variation also creates interest when displaying items.

7. Bedrooms 
Make the master bedroom into a Zen-like setting. If you are staging an empty bedroom, you could buy a bed frame and use an inexpensive air mattress. Show as much storage space as possible in bedrooms.

8. Is Your Home Vacant?
Lots of empty rooms in a home make it more difficult for buyers to imagine their furniture there. Empty rooms have no warmth and lack appeal. Investing in professional staging of a home with temporary furniture and accessories could add that needed attraction for home buyers.

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