Caring for the Three Most Common Home-Heating Systems

When it comes to heating your home, there are several different types of heating systems. Each has its own advantages, disadvantages and maintenance requirements in order to keep it working efficiently.

  • Boilers:  Heating systems that employ boilers utilize hot water to warm a home, often through what is called radiant heating. Many people think boilers provide the most comfortable heating as the warmth doesn’t feel as ‘dry’ as heat from other types of systems. Boilers require annual maintenance to prevent against water leaks and other issues. Annual cleaning by professional technicians should include the standard system tests plus cleaning combustion chambers and fuel nozzles. Homeowners should also drain the water in order to clean boilers of sludge build-up.
  • Furnaces:  Furnaces are quite common and use forced air to heat homes. The most well-known furnace maintenance requirement is replacing the filters on a monthly basis, which is relatively affordable and easy to do. To avoid significant system breakdowns, though, it is important to have a furnace inspection every year before the cold weather begins. Most home heating problems stem from an unchecked issue with a furnace that gets worse over time. The annual check by a licensed technician should include an inspection of the system’s flue, a check to ensure that the pilot light is lit, and that the burner is clear of corrosion.
  • Heat Pumps: Heat pumps are efficient systems which draw heat from ambient air or the ground. This system also employs filters, as well as ducts, coils and blowers, that should be checked for dust and other buildup regularly. It is also important to keep the motor lubricated and to make sure that the thermostat is working properly. If maintained, these systems can last a very long time, though it may eventually become necessary to replace outdated technologies.

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