Cincinnati the Second Best Midsize College City in the U.S.

GraduationCaps_Sky.jpgGoing to college? Consider Cincinnati! The city was ranked #2 on the list of best US mid-sized college cities. The survey looked at data such as:

  • Housing costs
  • Cost of living for young people
  • Percentage of rentals
  • Average monthly fitness club fees
  • Average cost of pizza and burgers
  • Cost of higher education
  • Number of students per residents
  • Percentage of 18-35 year olds
  • Nightlife options
  • Shopping centers
  • Fitness clubs
  • Crime rate
  • Quality of education
  • Earning potential with a bachelor’s degree
  • Number of part-time jobs
  • Unemployment rate

See the rankings here.

Look at homes for sale here.

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