Economic Ways to Make Your Home Worth More

Property ValueInterested in boosting your home’s value with little money? Read our tips:

Clean Your Home
When buyers view your home, if it is dirty, untidy, smelly and/or cluttered, they will be able to look past these things and see your home’s potential. Therefore, before selling your home you need to thoroughly clean your home top to bottom. In addition, any clutter in your home needs to be addressed.

Kitchen Improvements
Buyers are very interested in kitchens. Remodeling a kitchen can be expensive. Instead, freshen up your kitchen with paint and new hardware.

Painting Walls
Painting the walls of your home is an economic thing to do that can make your home shine. If you currently have bold colors in your home, consider neutralizing them with a sand or putty color.

Install new-style lighting covers to make your space look more up-to-date. If budget allows, think about updating old light fixtures. Dimmer switches can add drama to a room.

Power Washers
Rent a power washer for your deck and siding of your home. While you are at it, power wash the sidewalks and driveway, too.

During warmer months, make sure your landscaping looks neat and tidy. Add fresh potted flowers to add color and curb appeal.

Hardware for the Doors
Replacing doors is expensive. Consider replacing the hardware on your doors instead. The same is true for your kitchen cabinet doors.

Crown Molding
Crown molding adds character to a home. If you have the correct tools, this activity is relatively inexpensive.

Hardwood Floors
If you have hardwood floors beneath your carpet, think about revealing them.

Front Door Mat
Replace it with a new one. The old one needs to be tossed out.

Need help with some of your home projects? Contact Sibcy Cline Home Services. They can help recommend service vendors.

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