Great Tips When You Are Buying a Home

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Are you thinking of buying a home? Read our tips before you find that “dream” home:

Avoid Pitfalls
Learn everything you can about the house you want to purchase:

  • Find out about average utility costs and area plans for future construction
  • Do not assume the current property taxes will be the one you will pay
  • Think about your future housing needs to avoid future buyer remorse
  • Check the height and width of the garage to make sure your vehicles will fit
  • If you are concerned about crime, you will need to do research

New Construction Tips
Having agent representation when buying a new home from a builder can save you money and headaches:

  • Better negotiation of price
  • Better incentives or amenities with the home purchase
  • Advice on lot location and selection choices

Biggest is Not Always Best
Thinking towards the future when you sell your home, the largest and most expensive house in the neighborhood is sometimes not the best choice. It might depreciate in value over time if it was overbuilt for the area.

Condominiums have home owner’s associations. You need to see the financials of the association and read its terms.

Will It Sell in the Future?
Once you have made a home purchase, you are now a future home seller. Before making a purchase, be sure to look at the home through the eyes of a seller. What changes would you need to make it appealing to buyers? What costs would be involved in making it more sellable?

Location and Home’s Bones
Make sure that the location is good and the “bones” of the home are what you want. Have a location check — is the home in an airport path or near train tracks? Is the home on a desirable cul-de-sac or is it on a corner lot?  Check out traffic patterns during different times of day. Talk to some of the neighbors in the area. Remember, cosmetic changes can be done later if the location is a good one and the overall layout of the home is appealing.

The bottom line is that you should buy a home for what you cannot change: location, size and views.

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