Five Patio Design Ideas

When springtime comes around it brings with it the sort of weather that makes you want to sit outside and enjoy the long, warm nights. Homeowners can make this experience even better, and perhaps improve the value of their homes, by upgrading their patios.

Patios are a great selling point for homeowners who hope to list their properties. These outdoor spaces are essentially extra rooms, and by treating them that way they can serve to bolster your home’s value. If you have a patio, you should make sure that it is comfortable, private, esthetically pleasing and equipped with up-to-date technology. Here are some home-styling tips to help you upgrade your patio so that you and your guests never want to go back inside:

  1. Prioritize your privacy
    The downside to many patios is that they don’t offer the same sort of privacy as a room indoors. Fences or foliage can come in handy for blocking your neighbors’ views into your backyard while maintaining a visually stunning space. You may also want to plant large bushes and trees to block the view into your patio. And with a little extra budget, defining the space with built-in or free standing awnings, or adding a screen enclosure creates an inviting outdoor space.
  2. Don’t forget about furniture
    Your patio is an extension of your home – one more room to make comfortable and decorate. Choose a theme for your patio and express it through your furniture. DIY Network suggested purchasing ready-to-assemble furniture, which will cut the cost a bit. This is a smart move considering the chairs and tables will be exposed to the outdoor elements.
  3. Can you feel the fire?
    Inside your home you may have a fireplace, but outside you can have a fire pit! Fire pits are very popular for patios and are often the focal point for outdoor entertaining. One of these decorative yet practical design elements will both improve your patio esthetic and keep it warm on chillier nights. Try a brick or stone fire pit to create a dazzling centerpiece for your patio.
  4. Water it down
    Similar to a fire pit, a water fixture can make for a brilliant design element for your new and improved patio. Small fountains or slightly larger DIY ponds provide your patio with a soothing soundtrack, and the latter can also serve as a home for fish, frogs and other fauna.
  5. Focus on the floor
    Don’t forget the floor! An attractive outdoor rug helps define your space, creates added comfort underfoot and is therefore an important part of your outdoor space. Pick a surface that fits with the theme, is resistant to the rigors of outdoor weather and is easy to clean and maintain.

When you begin thinking about your patio as an extension of your home, it becomes clear how important it is to maintain it like you would any other room. Start by making some of the styling changes listed above.

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