Freshen Up the Family Room

LIvingRoom_WhiteThe family room is the place where everyone relaxes. Usually this room features lots of seating, a television, possibly a fireplace and probably a shelf with games. If your family room needs a little TLC, here are some ideas on how to freshen it up:

Let There Be Light
Lighting adds ambiance and energy to a room. By adding some lamps or installing dimmer switches to lower lights (when watching a movie), you can change the feel of your family room. Low-light incandescent lamps are best for reading and create a glow

Bring on the Tech
A smart TV (or Apple TV) gives more opportunities for what to watch on the television. There are many program and movie options with NetFlix and Hulu. These shows look even better on a large-screen television!

Comfort is Key
If your family room furniture is looking a bit shabby, but is still in good condition, think about adding new, soft-feeling fabrics to the couch and chairs. Or, simply add new blankets and cushions. Recliners are more comfortable options for the family room.

The Ottoman
An ottoman gives you a place for your feet, an extra seat or even can be used as a table. Some ottomans have storage – making them a convenient place to stow blankets or games.

Need more ideas? See some family room gallery ideas from HGTV here.


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