Three Affordable Landscaping Improvements

Small gardenFor home buyers, a drive or walk down the street is like a fashionista’s stroll along Fifth Avenue – it’s all about the window shopping. What sort of display will catch the buyer’s eye? Homeowners need affordable yet dazzling curb appeal projects to draw in potential buyers.

Landscaping and similar property improvements can come with sky-high price tags and take time to complete. This spring and summer, home sellers may want to look for quick and inexpensive, yet quality, projects to boost curb appeal.

Making simple improvements can significantly raise the value of any given property. They’ll ensure your front yard shoulders a portion of the load when it comes to bringing in potential buyers. The more interested parties it brings in, the hotter the competition will be for your home. If successful, these landscaping and other curb appeal projects can provide a substantial return on investment. Here are a few home improvement ideas for your front yard that will raise curb appeal without shrinking your wallet:

  1. Plant a well-placed tree
    Tree-planting, like real estate, is all about location and can vastly improve curb appeal. Additionally, foliage offers further benefits. For example, trees can prevent soil erosion, offer shade and clean up air, according to the National Association of Realtors. The best part is, a small tree isn’t all that expensive. The average cost for planting a tree is $106. If you plan to plant the tree yourself, you could cut the price to around $75.
  2. Paint the front door
    A little paint project can be quick, affordable and a winning upgrade in terms of curb appeal. This is one of the more affordable improvements you can make to the face of your home. A gallon of paint can cost about $30. If you feel you can invest a bit more in your curb appeal, you may want to add new door hardware and light fixtures.
  3. Put up a new mailbox
    Your mailbox can actually be a huge help in terms of curb appeal. Often, when people visit your home, one of the first things they’ll get up close and personal with is your mailbox. A worn-down mailbox can have a detrimental effect on potential buyers’ perception before they even make it to the door. You can find a new mailbox for as little as $20.

These small investments can go a long way toward tempting buyers and improving the overall value of your home.

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