How To Keep Stainless Steel Shining

Beautiful Kitchen in Luxury Home with Island and Stainless Steel“Stainless” steel?  These type of appliances certainly do not live up to their name because they do stain. Keeping your stainless appliances looking fresh and shiny with no fingerprints can be a challenge. Here are some tips to keep them looking like new:

Water, a Soft Cloth and Go with the Grain
It is best to use microfiber cloths when cleaning stainless steel since they absorb water and will not scratch surfaces. (Do not use paper towels or any type of cloth that has a rough-style surface to it.) If  you use the microfiber cloth for drying purposes, go with the grain to eliminate water marks and spots.

Soap – Just a Smidgeon
If you need to use soap, just a drop or two should work. Use a mild dish soap with warm water. White vinegar is also good for a dirty area on your stainless appliance.

Fingerprints and Glass Cleaner
Your stainless appliance is a magnet for fingerprints. It’s unavoidable, but a little bit of glass cleaner should help remove them. Be sure to use a micro cloth and use circular motions.

You can use stainless-steel polish, lemon oil or a silicone-based spray to keep a shiny finish. Apply in the direction of the grain.

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