HVAC: The ins and outs of this home warranty coverage

Air Conditioning Repair
Are you prepared the next time you need to repair or replace the heating, ventilation or air conditioning in your home? The average cost of an air conditioning unit repair is $320 – with some repairs costing as much as $900. The replacement of entire HVAC systems can can cost an average of $3k-5k.

With a home warranty, however, homeowners can offset many of the costs of HVAC repair and replacement. HVAC is an expensive part of the home. When homeowners tackle this project, they aren’t just paying for the replacement or repaired unit alone – they are paying for the labor as well.

While a standard home warranty covers many expenses associated with homeownership, there remain certain HVAC-related components that could be uncovered.

These include:

  • Permit to install a new unit
  • Connections between outdoor HVAC components and indoor ones

For complete protection, homeowners should purchase the Premier Upgrade Package. PUP extends basic home warranty coverage to include additional HVAC elements, so the homeowner will be less likely to encounter non-covered charges when repairing or replacing their HVAC units.

From malfunctioning pumps to high electric bills, blown fuses and leaks, the complicated HVAC systems we’ve come to rely on can lead to serious headaches for homeowners. With an HMS Home Warranty and additional PUP coverage, though, HVAC repairs and replacements won’t break the bank.

If you need more information about home warranties, contact Sibcy Cline Home Services. They can put you in touch with the local contact for HMS Home Warranty.

Brought to you by our preferred Partner, HMS Home Warranty.  HMS is an industry leader with over 30 years of creating success for clients and providing peace of mind for customers. 

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