Celebrate Labor Day 2016!

Labor Day is always celebrated on the first Monday in September and is the day to relax and remember the achievements of the American workforce. (Many also consider this day to be the end of summer.) The day is usually celebrated with picnics, barbecues and fireworks.

Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894 following a strike from the Pullman Company. Until that year, many laborers forfeited pay for the day to celebrate a workman’s holiday. See more about the history of Labor Day here and here.

Fun Facts

  • 66% of Americans grill out on Labor Day
  • More burgers are grilled on Labor Day, but do not discount hot dogs because between Memorial Day and Labor Day, 7 billion of them are consumed!
  • 155.7 million Americans are part of the U.S. workforce
  • $8.10 is the current minimum wage in Ohio ($7.25 in Kentucky and Indiana)  ($.25 was the minimum wage in 1938)

Do Not Wear White After Labor Day
This fashion trend is believed to a symbolic nod by those who returned to the city following summer vacations in warmer climates. White clothing was the usual color worn by the well-to-do while enjoying leisure, warm-weather activities.

Our Forefathers Really Labored
During the late 19th century, the normal work week included 12-hour days, six to seven days a week!

How to Celebrate Labor Day along the Ohio River?
The Western & Southern WEBN Fireworks is celebrating the 40th year for this event! The day (September 4, 2016) starts at 12:00 pm and ends after the fireworks display in the evening. The fireworks (starting at 9:05pm) are one of the largest displays in the Midwest drawing more than 500,000 people on both sides of the river. Oohs and aahs are accompanied by choreographed music from WEBN radio station.

LaborDay_Pinterest.pngWant some ideas for your Labor Day celebration?
Look at our Sibcy Cline Labor Day Pinterest Board!

Have you been thinking of a Change in your Labor?
If you have thought about a career in real estate sales, then contact Sibcy Cline Recruiter/Career Specialist Amanda Dole at 513-985-1221 or adole@sibcycline.com.

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