Sell Your Home During Winter and the Holiday Season


Have your home listed for sale during the holidays? Yes!

If you are thinking about selling your home, you may want to consider listing it when there is not as much competition of homes for sale, especially during winter and the holiday season.

  • Motivated. Buyers looking for homes during the holidays are usually motivated during this busy time.
  • Less competition. There are less homes on the market during the winter season and therefore less competition to get your home sold.
  • Looking good. Your home looks its best at this time of year! If you decorate for the holidays, it will look warm and inviting to buyers.
  • Relocation. Personal circumstances. Traditionally, there are more relocation transfers that occur by the end of the year. Besides a job transfer, there may be personal reasons why someone needs to purchase a new home. These people are motivated buyers!

Tips when listing your home in the colder months and during the holidays:

  • Snow and ice. If it snows, keep sidewalks and driveways clear – This type of home maintenance is vital for showings.
  • Curb appeal. Homes can look a bit drab during the colder months. Make sure  leaves and dead tree branches are removed. By adding greenery at the front of your home, it can look more colorful and inviting. Front porches decorated with old-time sleds and skates look charming in winter.
  • Warm and cozy. Make your home welcoming by keeping it warm. You want buyers to feel comfortable inside your home.
  • Light. Buyers need to see your home. Make sure your home has plenty of light for showing appointments. Consider 100-watt bulbs for lamps and lights. Are your windows clean so that light shines through as much as possible? Do you have decorative outdoor lighting? Put them on timers to showcase your home at dusk.
  • Seasonal interior decor. Your home can sparkle with seasonal decor, but keep it to a minimum so it does not dominate the house. Even if the holidays end, you can still showcase decorative wreaths or winter-oriented dried floral arrangements to add a bit of interest.
  • Keep the mud room tidy. Colder months mean jackets, boots, gloves, hats and scarves are being used. Keep these items orderly by using baskets or bins.

Need some winter decor ideas? Look at Sibcy Cline’s Winter Decor Idea on Pinterest here.

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