Snow Shoveling Tips for Your Home


Shoveling snow. This is not a fun activity, but is necessary during winter. Here are some tips about shoveling snow around your home:

Snow Shovels
Many shovels are now constructed of strong, light-weight plastic. Steel shovels are durable and will outlast all others, but require more energy to use since they are so heavy. Aluminum shovels are more durable than plastic and lighter than steel. But, aluminum may bend when in contact with an ice chunk or driveway crack.

Look for shovels with a sturdy handles. Fiberglass and resin handles are the best.

And, think ergonomics! Select a Z-shaped handled shovel that is designed to ease the strain on the lower back when shoveling. Some shovels come with a large wheel on the handle that supports the weight of the snow (like a fulcrum) and helps with lifting heavy snow. See one here.

Pushing the White Stuff
It is best to push snow rather than lift it. There are push-type shovels meant for just pushing snow from a 24-inch to 36-inch diameter blade.

Or, you want to consider purchasing either a gas or electric snow blower to help make snow removal an easier process.

Be Safe

  • Your cardiovascular system will be stressed and your heart rate level rises when shoveling, so be sure to check with your doctor to see if you are in shape for this type of activity.
  • Wear light layers of water-repellent clothing. Be sure to wear a hat, gloves and sturdy snow boots.
  • It is best to clear snow early and often. There is less strain on the body to remove snow in phases.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water! And, be sure to pace yourself.

Not up to removing snow? Contact Sibcy Cline Home Services for a recommendation of snow removal from your home.

Burning Calories!
Want to know how many calories are burned shoveling snow? This blogger did! My snow removal usually takes one hour and I burn 312 calories. To find out your snow-shoveling carloric burn, go here!

This blog article was inspired from information from HouseLogic of the National Association of Realtors. 

5 thoughts on “Snow Shoveling Tips for Your Home

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  2. Dear Susanaknabe,
    Neat Post, Well it’s snowing to day and my dear hubby of course had to go to work :/ So here I am with 6 inches of snow and no way to shovel it. My 7 month olds idea of a nap (if I’m even lucky enough) is 5-20 minutes, no where near long enough for me to clean the car off and shovel the driveway. So any mom’s out there have to shovel when home alone with young babies, what did you do? My mom suggested putting her in her snow suit in the stroller on the walkway so I could shovel the driveway but I’d have to shovel the walkway and around to the back of the car to even get the stroller out in the first place :/ Any ideas?


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